Safety Evaluations

Why should you have a Safety Evaluation performed? 

If your organization is…

  • implementing a safety management system

  • Seeking ways to enhance your existing safety program

  • Exploring strategies to reduce workplace injuries

  • Wondering what to do after an Occupational Health & Safety Officer visit

Service Hospitality’s Safety Evaluation is a great place to start. Our evaluations include identifying both physical and psychological hazards within your workplace, evaluating compliance with regulatory standards, and recommending resources and strategies to mitigate risk and enhance safety measures.

How does it work? 

Our Safety Evaluations are broken down into three segments:

  • Staff perception survey – We gather and analyze data on the current safety culture, attitudes, and understanding among your employees

  • Documentation review – We thoroughly examine your safety policies, procedures, incident reports, OH&S meeting minutes, and other relevant safety-related documents.

  • Site tour – Your Safety Advisor will conduct a comprehensive tour of your premises. During this tour, we will observe equipment, conditions, and staff behaviors, making note of any existing or potential hazards.

What is the Safety Evaluation based on?

Our evaluation tool is developed based on industry best practices for physical and psychological health and safety in the workplace. It incorporates relevant regulations and standards, including the Saskatchewan Employment Act, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, CSA Standards, and ISO guidelines for managing psychosocial risks.

What is the outcome?

Evaluations result in a comprehensive Action Plan, serving as a roadmap for implementing effective safety measures and maintaining a safe workplace. Recommendations might include things such as

  • developing an incident investigation procedure and accompanying report forms,

  • labelling chemical containers and compiling relevant Safety Data Sheets,

  • or providing OH&S Committee training to committee members.

Each recommendation in the Action Plan comes with links to helpful tools, templates, and resources so you have the necessary support to make effective changes. While the Action Plan may include recommendations to ensure compliance with legislated standards, completing the plan is entirely voluntary, allowing your organization to address the recommendations at your own pace and judgment.

How long does it take?

The documentation review and site tour can be accomplished within a single day. Afterward, your Service Hospitality Safety Advisor will compile all the information and develop an Action Plan, which is typically presented to you within one month from the evaluation date.

Wait…did you say Psychological Health and Safety?

Creating a safe and healthy work environment includes not only physical safety but also preventing psychological injury. A workplace that promotes psychological health and safety protects employees from potential harm and boosts their engagement and productivity, which can affect how customers feel about your business! It also saves your company money by reducing employee turnover and other costs related to workplace injuries. Our Safety Evaluation goes beyond just physical safety by assessing 13 psychosocial risks and other factors that contribute to psychological health and safety in the workplace. This approach is the only one of its kind in Saskatchewan and ensures that your organization is well-equipped to keep your staff safe, both physically and mentally.

Sounds great! What will it cost?

If you are a member of Service Hospitality, our Safety Evaluation service is available at no cost!

In addition to all these benefits, completing our Safety Evaluation is one of the first steps in your journey through our Health and Safety Leadership Certificate Program (HSLC) program. We provide the guidance you need to create a system that controls hazards and prevents injuries.

For assistance, or if you have questions or comments, please Get in Touch with Service Hospitality.