Safety Scenarios

Three different scenarios have been developed that could arise in various workplaces.

These scenarios can be used in two different ways;

  1. As an assessment of how well you already know the topic, or

  2. As a review or quiz after you have finished either an online course or in-person training.

The goal of the safety scenarios is to make correct decisions at each question point to navigate to the best possible outcome. If you make an incorrect decision, you will have the opportunity to make your way back to a correct decision. Two incorrect decisions will result in the end of the scenario. Simply click through the maze of hypothetical situations!


Service Hospitality Safety Scenario’s:

Safety Scenario #1 – Worker Injury/Incident Investigation/Claims Management 

worker-injury incident-investigation Business word cloud for business concept, Claim management

Safety Scenario #2 – WHMIS Essentials

whmis-2 whmis-2016

Safety Scenario #3 – Hazard Assessment & Control





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