Safety Champion of the Year Goes To…

Service Hospitality’s annual Safety Champion Award is given to a member of our team for going the extra mile in their health and safety initiatives at Service Hospitality. In 2021, we gave out the 1st Safety Champion Award to Brooklynn, which sparked the fire in our associates and from that, our Safety Champion Award became an annual award. Our vision: Healthy & Safe Workplaces. Prospering goes beyond what we do for our employers in the service and hospitality industries and is also measured within our organization. 

Each year in December, we reward an individual based on Near Miss Reporting, Hazard Reporting, and You’ve Been Caught, along with their overall safety behaviours within Service Hospitality. In 2021, we introduced the “You’ve Been Caught” initiative. This program tracks safety reporting beyond near misses, incidents, and hazards. We began nominating our fellow employees for their positive safety behaviours that go above and beyond our current workplace policies. By drawing attention to those proactive behaviours, we improved our safety culture and continue to help our employees see safety in a new light. 

So who is this year’s winner?

This individual has displayed safety in all aspects of their work, life and home life, truly encompassing our values of Safe Work. Safe Family. Safe friends.

Through their participation in OHC initiatives and activities, she has contributed to all areas of health and safety. She has the ability and understanding to recognize safe or unsafe behaviours within our walls and outside of them.

Through displaying safe behaviours, nominating others for their safe behaviours and near-miss reporting, this person has brought to light potential hazards from 9 different categories! (for example, biohazard exposure, cold weather exposure, contact with objects, driving hazards, etc.). Overall, when doing a deeper dive into this person’s specific health and safety reports, this individual reported…

  • Displaying Safe Behaviours – 18

  • Nominating – 25

  • Near Misses – 21

Overall Safety Awareness: 67

Within the organization, 43% of overall safety reporting has come specifically from this individual’s reporting or displaying those safe behaviours, and others have noticed and caught them!

Please join us in congratulating Safety Advisor BRELYN as this year’s Service Hospitality Safety Champion recipient! Keep up the great work! 

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