Safety Champion of the Year Goes To….

Service Hospitality’s Safety Champion is…. Brooklynn Radmacher, Youth Advisor

This year marked the inaugural year of Service Hospitality’s Safety Champion Award. Service Hospitality’s vision: Healthy & Safe Workplaces. Prospering goes beyond what we do for our employers in the service and hospitality industries but is also measured within our own organization.

At the beginning of 2021, we introduced the “You’ve Been Caught” initiative. This program tracks safety reporting beyond near misses, incidents, and hazards. We began nominating our fellow employees for their positive safety behaviours that go above and beyond our current workplace policies. By drawing attention to those proactive behaviours, we improved our safety culture and helped our employees see safety in a new light.

Our Safety Champion, Brooklynn Radmacher, demonstrates these behaviours in the workplace and her personal life. She is a member of our team who promotes working safely with her own actions and identifies those same actions in others. Brooklynn’s actions toward health and safety have helped shape our current organizational culture. She has contributed insightful ideas and identified hazards within our organization to make changes before an incident happens in the workplace. This proactive, non-stop enthusiasm for safety continues to protect not just herself but her whole team as well.

Congratulations to Brooklynn Radmacher on being Service Hospitality’s first Safety Champion!


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