Small Employer Safety Evaluation

Who This Tool Is For

The Small Employer Safety Evaluation Tool is designed for organizations with 10 or fewer employees who are implementing or enhancing a safety management system.

Employers of all sizes may use this tool to evaluate how well they meet basic organizational health and safety requirements.

How it Works

The Evaluation Tool assesses compliance with regulatory standards and basic organizational health and safety requirements. Complete the questionnaire to the best of your knowledge. Upon completion, you will receive an email with your Action Plan, including links to templates, tools, training, and other resources to help you address the identified gaps in your Safety Management System.

Disclaimer:  The action plan generated from this evaluation is intended for general use and may not apply to every circumstance.  It is not a definitive guide to government regulations and does not relieve persons using this action plan from their responsibilities under applicable legislation.  Service Hospitality does not guarantee the accuracy of, nor assume liability for, the information presented in this evaluation or action plan.  Individual guidance and consultation is available from Service Hospitality.

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Leadership and Organizational Commitment

1. Health & Safety Policy*
Do you have a written health and safety policy that: • Is current and dated • Is signed by senior manager • Clearly outlines accountability and responsibility of the employer, managers/supervisors, employees and contractors for health and safety • Includes strategies for worker participation in the health and safety program
2. Is a copy of the Health & Safety Policy and safety management system documentation readily available to employees?*
3. Is the Health & Safety Policy and safety management system program reviewed annually by management?*
4. Are current Occupational Health & Safety Regulations & Saskatchewan Employment Act readily available to all employees?*

Health & Safety Rules and Enforcement

5. Are safety rules clearly stated in writing?*
6. Does your Safety Management System explicitly state “discipline” as a possible consequence of safety infractions?*
7. Are health and safety rules consistently applied and enforced?*

Hazard Assessment & Controls

8. Is there a policy or procedure which outlines the hazard identification and assessment process?*
9. Are safety measures and controls implemented and documented for all identified hazards?*
10. Is there a system or process to check on the effectiveness of implemented controls?*

Safe Work Practices and Procedures

11. Are there written practices and/or procedures for all high-risk jobs?*
12. Are copies of Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures readily available to those performing the task?*

Personal Protective Equipment

13. Written PPE Program*
Do you have a written PPE program that includes: • When and where PPE is required • Training required for workers using PPE

Training and Communication

14. Have all employees received general and job-specific health and safety orientation?*
15. Do you provide training when new procedures, machinery, or PPE is introduced to the workplace?*
16. Is documentation kept on file of all employee training?*
17. Do managers and supervisors receive training on the health and safety duties of supervisors?*

Workplace Inspections

18. Are inspections conducted frequently enough to spot hazards before they have caused incidents?*
19. Are identified issues always addressed and corrected in a timely manner?*
20. Are inspections conducted using a checklist, along with observing work in progress and having discussions with workers?*
21. Are the results of inspections communicated to workers?*

Incident Investigations

22. Is there an incident reporting and investigation policy or procedure in place?*
23. Are standardized incident reporting forms readily available?*
24. Do incident investigations identify root causes and corrective actions?*
25. Are incident investigations reviewed to identify trends in the workplace?*

Emergency Preparedness, Procedures and First Aid

26. Are there written procedures pertaining to all potential emergencies (examples: fire, flood, bomb threat, severe weather, etc.)?*
27. Is the evacuation procedure practiced at least once per year?*
(This includes documenting the practice, as well as identifying areas for improvement)
28. Has a First Aid Risk Assessment been completed based on CSA standard Z1220-17?*
29. Do all employees know where the first aid kit and list of qualified first aiders are located?*

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Committees

Employers are required to set up and maintain an occupational health committee (OHC) at workplaces with 10 or more workers. In organizations with 10 or less workers, a designated OH&S Representative is required.
30. Does your organization have an OH&S Committee or a designated OH&S Representative?*
31. Have your committee members or representative received training in the roles and responsibilities of an OH&S Committee?*
32. Are names of committee members or the representative posted in an area readily available to all workers, and are workers informed and aware of the OH&S Committee?*
33. Does your OH&S Committee or Representative offer safety improvement suggestions derived from safety inspections, incident investigations, worker suggestions, and other exploratory initiatives?*

Claims Management

34. Do you have a return-to-work or modified work program in place?*

Hazardous Materials

35. Do you have an exposure control plan to protect your workers from sharps, blood, and other bodily fluids?*
36. Do you have up-to-date Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals in the workplace?*
37. Have all employees received training on the safe use, storage, and disposal of chemicals they will use or may be in contact with?*

Risk-Based Policies and Procedures

38. Do you have a written harassment policy in use and readily available to all employees?*
39. Do you have a written workplace violence policy in use and readily available to all workers?*
40. Do you have a written working alone policy in use and readily available to all employees who may work alone?*
(If no one works alone – check yes)
41. Do you have a lock-out or tag-out procedure in place for electrical and/or mechanical equipment?*
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.