Safety in Schools Training – General Electrical Safety

SWIFT Learning and well-known, highly respected industry professionals developed this FREE two-hour Safety in Schools course on General Electrical Safety. 

Course Description:
Electricity is so widely used that it is easy to forget how dangerous it can be. Inadequate safety precautions while dealing with electricity may lead to a fatal electrical shock. Therefore, it is very important that all workers and employers understand electrical hazards and how to deal with them.


1. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion
2. It’s FREE!
3. Aligned with Saskatchewan Curriculum
4. Participate for your chance to win gift cards

Teachers – Register your students for your chance to win $100 GC
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Course Objectives:

  • Describe what electricity is and how it works

  • List some electrical hazards

  • List the safety legislation and rules for working around electrical equipment

  • Describe the effects of electrical hazards on the human body

  • Define some basic rules for using electrical equipment

  • Describe ways to protect against electrical hazards

  • List different types of conducting and non-conducting materials

  • Determine the different types of electricity

  • Define the level of body tolerance for electricity

  • Explain how Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) work to prevent shocks

  • Define grounding and bonding

  • Describe what insulation is and how it protects against shocks

General Fire Safety Curriculum Connections: Safety in Schools and Sask Curriculum Connections

Grade 9:

  • Science

Grade 10:

  • Construction and Carpentry 10 
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Welding

Grade 11:

  • Construction and Carpentry 20
  • Electrical 20
  • Welding 20 

Grade 12:

  • Construction and Carpentry 30
  • Electrical 30
  • Electronics A30 & B30
  • Welding A30 & B30

Resources & Support:

Safety in Schools 101: Informational Webinar 

This informational webinar provides a detailed overview of Safety in Schools and how to navigate the teacher dashboard. Join our safety advisors to learn more about the Safety in Schools organization and what our partnership with them means for Saskatchewan students! 

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