Safety Minute: Planning for a Fire Emergency

Part 25 of The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations outlines Fire and Explosion Hazards. Every workplace is required to have a written fire safety plan and practice a fire drill evacuation at least once a year. The more you practice, the more you reduce the risk of panic and error and build internal knowledge of what to do if a fire situation arises.

If you are a supervisor or Occupational Health Committee/Representative, here is information you can chat about with your staff.

Evacuation Procedure

Where there is a discovery of a fire, a Fire Safety Plan requires 1) Sounding the alarm, 2) Evacuating, and 3) Contacting the fire department. Commence this procedure the moment a threat situation occurs.

  1. Pull the fire alarm.

  2. Designated fire safety employees will grab the Fire Safety Plan and guide everyone to leave the workplace in a safe and timely manner through the nearest exit and gather at the designated muster point. *

  3. Once at the designated muster point, fire safety employees will call 9-1-1 and perform other duties listed in the Fire Safety Plan.

Muster Point:

A muster point is a location where staff go after evacuating the building to count if everyone made it out. Have more than one muster point if your workplace is large or the first location isn’t safe. 


Hang this poster throughout your workplace as a quick reminder of what to do in a fire emergency. Click here to download the poster!

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