SARC Achieves Health and Safety Leadership Level 4 Certification: A Testament to Their Commitment to Safety!

Congratulations to SARC and their leader, Amy McNeil, on achieving Health and Safety Leadership Level 4 Certification! This accomplishment is a testament to their commitment to building a comprehensive safety management system, further cementing their status as industry experts in the Community Service Sector.

SARC is a provincial association representing approximately 100 community-based organizations dedicated to supporting people within their community to live life to their full potential. As a long-term partner of Service Hospitality, and expert in the Community Services industry, SARC has supported the Community Services Stream of the HSLC program since its inception.

Service Hospitality’s community service members can utilize SARC’s training as electives in the Health and Safety Leadership Certification process throughout levels 2 and 3. These electives include Professional Assault Response Training (PART), Positive Behavioural Support (PBS), and Transfer Lifting Repositioning (TLR).

It is clear that Amy McNeil (Executive Director), Trent Fletcher (Occupational Health and Safety Manager) and the team prioritize the safety of everyone in their organization, and we are proud to recognize them for this achievement. Amy is a recipient of Service Hospitality’s Safety Centered Leadership Award, which is an award that is bestowed on those who exemplify safety leadership in their business and/or community. Her commitment began a long time ago and continues to grow every year.

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