Seasonal Safety Tips: Workplace Safety Resolutions for the New Year

Each new year brings about resolutions ranging from the achievable to the downright absurd. Most resolutions tend to center around personal well-being, such as promising to spend more time at the gym to get fit and setting goals to achieve professionally. However, very few take the time to ponder how to improve health and safety in the workplace.

If you belong to the majority who don’t make resolutions concerning workplace safety, then why not make this year the time to start making them? After all, health and safety should always come first. Resolving to act on improving the health and safety in the workplace not only ensures personal safety but also makes the environment safe and ideal for others as well. Here are some resolutions that focus on workplace safety for 2023.

Seasonal Safety Tips:

1. Look back on the past year.
Review the incident and near-miss reports of the year that just ended. Use the happenings from the previous year to create better workplace safety resolutions.

2. Review company policies on health and safety.

3. Ask questions.
Some tasks may be too dangerous or difficult for one person to perform. When in doubt about the safety of a certain job, don’t be afraid to speak out. Asking questions opens the line of communication between the worker and the management and may prompt change.

4. Inspect personal safety equipment and gear.

5. Acknowledge distractions – and throw them away.
Activities that distract from tasks that need to be accomplished are distractions that should be thrown away along with the year ending. These distractions take away the concentration that should be poured into the task at hand.

6. Know who to call in an emergency.


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