Season’s Greetings from Service Hospitality

It’s that time of year for a special season’s greeting from all of us at Service Hospitality. The holiday season is a time for many things. It’s a time of remembrance, reflecting on who and what’s important to you. Service Hospitality reflects on how purposeful and fulfilling our work is because our work doesn’t just enrich our own lives; it enriches those we serve, which in turn positively impacts workplaces, families and communities. Pretty humbling.

It’s a time for serenity, purposely finding moments of calm and being at peace. Service Hospitality partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association Sask Division to bring you our second annual We’re Only Human conference in June. Too often, we forget that we can’t do it all. We get distracted from our work-life balance as the world seems ever more hectic. Amongst all the pressures, we tend to forget; We’re Only Human.

It’s a time for gratitude and appreciating the things we value. Service Hospitality recognizes you, our members from the service and hospitality industries, and our stakeholders and partners who collaborate with us in achieving success. As we look back on 2022, we remember with sincere gratitude our collaboration in building strong workplace systems through Health and Safety Leadership Certification, promoting leadership through Youth Safety Education Day, and building capacity through ongoing training and daily interaction in workplace assessments, action planning and execution. We are grateful to have worked with you.

It’s a time to rejoice as we celebrate our accomplishments and jobs well done. Together we have achieved many goals, not only measured through preventing injuries and reducing costs; it’s also measured personally from each notable experience you shared with us where we made a positive difference.

It’s a time for wishes for something we want to have happen. Service Hospitality wishes for continued Healthy and Safe Workplaces. Prospering. May you find small daily joys. May the beauty and the joys of the season stay with you. May you find peace in yourself and with others. May you celebrate and purposely take time to do things you don’t otherwise take the time for.

On behalf of Service Hospitality, I send you best wishes for health, safety and well-being throughout 2023. We hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season and look forward to working with you in the New Year.


Carrie Bjola
Chief Executive Officer 

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