Service Hospitality Reflects on a Year of Growth and Success

What a year! If yours was anything like ours at Service Hospitality, it was a return to normalcy amidst global and economic uncertainty. One thing that did remain certain was the exceptional programming and services available to our members. Through a commitment to healthy and safe workplaces, members who worked with Service Hospitality prospered by preventing more injuries and reducing the cost of claims at a greater rate than the rest of the industry.

Now more than ever, it is a challenge to prosper. Over the year, we were enriched by connecting with more members through joining your networks, presenting at your events, welcoming you to ours, developing partnerships with collaborators who helped us to do more with less, and your feedback in our membership survey. We ensured you had access to the right information at the right time, tailored to build the capacity of your workplaces in health and safety management through our Health and Safety Leadership Certificate program, consultation, training, and access to resources.

We know that mental health is top of mind, and if you haven’t yet, be sure to contact our Mental Health Best Practice Group for active engagement with others in the industry. Stay in touch with us to be informed of legislated changes, timely topics of interest, and training schedules.

Our service excellence reflects yours because so many of our members don’t stop at workplace health and safety. Your passion and purpose are carried into the community and your families, recognized in the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, top employer awards, and community recognition!

I hope this will be a very special holiday season for you and your loved ones. More than ever, I am grateful to our members, partners, and collaborators this year. We are the key to each other’s success and are proud to be a part of ‘us.’


Carrie Bjola, daughter, spouse, mom, and grateful Chief Executive Officer of Service Hospitality, and the entire Service Hospitality team!