Service Hospitality TV Presents: Back to School with Safety in Schools

Young people in Saskatchewan are getting hurt at work – in fact, each year, approximately 3500 workers under the age of 24 experience a workplace injury. These injuries are often the result of the many hazards present in the places they typically work, such as sharp knives and slippery floors in restaurants. Limited or no prior work experience and a lack of safety training also contribute to high injury rates.

This statistic doesn’t sit well with Service Hospitality, which is why we’re offering FREE safety training to high school students across Saskatchewan. In partnership with Safety In Schools, we offer courses based on Saskatchewan curriculum and safety legislation to promote awareness of essential workplace safety concepts and strategies, understanding of worker rights and responsibilities, and commitment to fostering a safety-centered culture.

Find out more about Safety in Schools courses here! 

What are the benefits of using Safety In Schools programming.…

… For students?

  • Build a resume that will get noticed by employers

  • User friendly for students of all technological skill levels

  • Aligned with Saskatchewan labor and safety legislations

… For teachers?

  • The interface that makes it easy to manage students and classrooms

  • Aligned with Saskatchewan curriculum (click here for all aligned courses)

  • Free!

Our goal is to prepare every young person entering the workforce with the knowledge to recognize and avoid hazards, regardless of which career path they choose or the industry they work in. For more information or to register your students contact a Safety Advisor today!

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