Soaring To New Safety Heights – The Sky Is The Limit, Or Is It?

Approximately one year ago today, the Provincial Emergency Communication Centre – CanOps started a journey to improve its safety culture. Improving physical and psychological health and safety are integral to achieving a change in culture within the organization. Flash forward to ONE YEAR LATER…. PECC has achieved Health & Safety Leadership Certification Level 1. But are they stopping here? Absolutely not!

What prompted this journey for PECC was psychological health and safety and how to integrate it into the existing program. “Where do we begin?” “How do we improve safety culture?” were a couple of the top questions of the minds of those at PECC.

By achieving HSLC level 1 they have completed the first steps of a foundational health and safety program and have identified the gaps within their internal safety management system.

They were the FIRST organization to complete the new integrated psychological health and safety evaluation and the VERY FIRST organization to complete the HSLC Level 1 that now includes psychological health and safety! PECC has worked hard to find the balance and blend of physical and psychological health and safety.

All elements of the HSLC Streams are now fully integrated with psychological health and safety while maintaining compliance with the Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and the Saskatchewan Employment Act. The Streams are also in alignment with the CSA Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace, and one step more, ISO 45003 (International Standard for Health and Safety Management Systems), The HSLC program is one of the highest standards in Canada.

Service Hospitality has had the extreme pleasure of collaborating with the crew at PECC and their newly formed committees (Occupational Health and Safety Committee and Wellness Committee). We look forward to watching these committees jive and take this organization to new heights when it comes to building and creating a safety culture. The sky is the limit for this group and the momentum is strong!

Congratulations to the Provincial Emergency Communication Centre – CanOps!

View ALL Health & Safety Leadership Certificate (HSLC) Recipients Here!

Our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead your organization through developing and implementing a Health and Safety Management System. Empowering you to create a safety culture that will improve the way you do business!

HSLC is the national standard for health and safety leadership, with four levels of certification in three unique stream options, Community Service Stream, Hospitality Stream and our General Stream. All streams have recently been updated to include Psychological Health and Safety.

We are here to help you step by step – we are the roadmap for health and safety!

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