Students Are Getting Ready To Head Back To School & So Are We!

With September in sight, our Safety Advisors are getting ready for another school year of educating youth across Saskatchewan about the importance of workplace safety!

Every year the Regina District Industry Education Council hosts a Summer Skills Camp focused on hands-on learning in several industries for students grade seven to nine. Our Safety Advisor Brooklynn Radmacher kicked off the Culinary Arts Camp with an educational safety presentation on kitchen and fire safety to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe when they enter the workforce.

Youth are the most at risk for injury on the job. Each year 83,876 young workers are employed in Saskatchewan between the ages of 15-24, and on average 4,000 of these workers will experience a workplace injury.  Approximately 70% of youth in Saskatchewan start their first job in one of our industries.  That is why we are on a mission to change these startling statistics. By presenting our youth safety training to classrooms in school divisions across the province, we will have a great opportunity to educate and eliminate these risks before the youth of our province enter the workforce.

We currently offer FREE 45 minute – 1-hour presentations for classrooms (grade 3 grade 4/5, grade 6 and grade 8), which are curriculum-based and safety-related. Our Youth Presentations focus on the myths surrounding Safety and are presented in a style that speaks to youth on their level.

We also offer online courses to high school students through our partnership with Safety in Schools. These courses are developed based on Saskatchewan employment legislation and Saskatchewan high school curriculum and are designed to promote awareness of essential workplace safety concepts and strategies, understanding of worker rights and responsibilities, and commitment to fostering a safety centered workplace culture. 


For more information on our youth programs, click here!

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