Suicide Safety Skills Training for Community Service

Social services, taxis, security, animal services and all Community Service industries are people-facing industries. There are times when it is necessary to recognize that someone may be thinking about suicide and get them connected to further help.

Service Hospitality has joined the Ministry of Health in a partnership with LivingWorks to provide virtual suicide prevention training at no cost to Community Service employers and workers in Saskatchewan. 

What? LivingWorks Start – Online suicide prevention skills to learn anytime, anywhere provides an entry point for helping people talk about suicide and is part of the LivingWorks group of programs to help create suicide-safe communities. This 90-minute, self-paced online training shows how to: 

  • Read the signs of suicide 

  • Begin a direct and open conversation about suicide 

  • Facilitate a connection to help further 

Who? All workers who might have to support or respond to someone in a mental health crisis should take this training. Even if you have taken LivingWorks ASIST or another longer suicide intervention training, Start is a good refresher, including valuable interactive simulations and other unique learning experiences.

Why? The course provides a combination of accounts from others who have had experience with suicide, practice through text messaging and video simulations, and crisis resources for participants.  LivingWorks Start will help you begin the conversation about suicide and make connections to safety in everyday relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

How? Only 150 seats are available at no cost for Community Services industries. To register for the course, email Service Hospitality at  

For assistance, or if you have questions or comments, please Get in Touch with Service Hospitality.

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