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Top TEN Contraventions in the Community Service and Hospitality Industries

Service Hospitality’s mission is to build our members’ capacity to prevent workplace injuries by ensuring they identify hazards in their workplace and comply with relevant health and safety legislation, protecting them from legal action. Below are the TOP TEN contraventions in our industries during 2023 in Saskatchewan.  1. Establishing of OH&S Committees – Saskatchewan Employment […]

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Announcing our 2023 Safety Centered Leadership Award!

Once a year, Service Hospitality recognizes individuals who have taken a leadership role in demonstrating their commitment to safety. The SCLA awards an individual or group that: Notably, it goes above and beyond meeting occupational and psychological health and safety standards. Produces positive outcomes in health, safety, and wellness culture. Integrates health and safety into […]

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Congrats to our 2023 Injury-Free & Safety Performance Achievement Certificate Recipients!

On behalf of Service Hospitality, we acknowledge the over 3,700 members who received our Injury-Free and Safety Performance Achievement certificates for 2023. Thank you for being so committed and prioritizing the health and safety of your employees, those you serve, and the community.  As your non-profit safety association in Saskatchewan, Service Hospitality is honoured to […]

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