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Occupational Health and Safety Committees & Top Contraventions

Service Hospitality is dedicated to building our members’ capacity to prevent workplace injuries by NOTICING hazards in their workplaces and following applicable health and safety legislation. This safeguards them from legal repercussions and fosters a culture of safety. Below are 3 out of 10  contraventions in 2023 from Saskatchewan Community Service and Hospitality Industries. Our […]

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When on the Road, Keep Safety in Mind!

Do you work within the Community Service, Hospitality or Service Industry? Are you required to drive for your day-to-day tasks?  Have you identified driving to be one of your top hazards? Whether you are driving within the city limits or out on the highway, driving safely should never be overlooked. In 2022 there were 141 […]

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Don’t Want HAZMAT, Have A Pool Chemical Safety Plan

Saskatchewan hotels make guests feel at home by offering a variety of amenities, often including a swimming pool. Did you know maintaining a swimming pool can be VERY dangerous for EMPLOYEES? What do we mean by VERY dangerous? Pool areas include many hazards that are often overlooked, particularly pool chemicals. Not only is the potential […]

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