Teaching Is Great, But…

Would you rather… be “taught” about a topic or be “trained” on a topic? 

We thought so. 

Teaching is great (and necessary) in some circumstances, but training is where the real value lies in the workplace.  What about claims management? Knowing the theory may be important for some (such as for your trainers, of course), but knowing how to use that theory in real life is the key.

To train means “to give information and explanation to a worker with respect to a particular subject-matter and to require a practical demonstration that the worker has acquired knowledge or skill related to the subject matter.”  In our Claims Management training program, that is exactly what we do.

Welcome to Claims Management Training, where you lead the learning, you fuel the discussions, and you ask the hard questions.  Welcome to a classroom (either virtual or in-person) where the learning comes from hands-on practice, your questions get answered, and you leave with a strategy you can put into place today! (although it might be tomorrow, this training takes all day!). 

For more information on our Claims Management Training program, click here! Ready to get started?  Contact an advisor today!

Service Hospitality TV Presents:

How Many of These 5 Common Mistakes Are You Making Right Now? Has this ever been you?

… worrying about how you fill a temporary vacancy caused by a worker sitting at home due to injury?

… wondering why your WCB premiums keep increasing?

… confused about the process following an injury in the workplace?

… nervous about asking for more information about a worker’s psychological injury?

If any of these have ever been you, then you need to tune in and share this video! This succinct, animated video will walk you through five common mistakes made by employers while managing claims.

Many employers don’t even realize there is a different way to handle the situation they are in. Maybe you have made one of these mistakes in the past or are making it now. Click to find out!

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Claims Management
Full-Day Virtual Learning 
9 AM – 3 PM (CST) 

Upcoming Sessions:
October 27th, 2020
November 18th, 2020

Are you struggling with managing your workplace injury claims? Do you feel a lack of control in the outcome? If so, then this is the course for you! This training will provide you with the key pieces to put you in the driver’s seat in all aspects of claims management.

This course will cover:

  • The importance and basics of investigating incidents
  • How to establish a procedure for handling claims that put you in control
  • Creating modified work plans for injured workers
  • How to establish processes designed to keep the best interest of the business and the injured worker in mind

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