Thank you for attending, “Unlocking Potential: Creating a Healthy & Safe Mindset in Future Leaders.”

On behalf of Service Hospitality, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who spent the day with us. “Unlocking Potential: Creating a Healthy & Safe Mindset in Future Leaders” was an incredible event, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to share it with you. We would also like to send our gratitude to all guest speakers who supported the event by sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and personal experiences with leadership, and health and safety.

This event aimed to provide opportunities for learning and networking to create strong foundations for health and safety in both the education system and the industry as a whole. By educating and training future workers, we can also train future industry leaders. Presented in partnership with MINERVA Canada Safety Management Education Inc., this event featured an international leadership speaker, Michelle Ray, a panel of educational experts in health and safety and industry specialists.

Did you know that as many as 70% of future workers will start their careers in the service and hospitality industries? That’s why it’s crucial to instill healthy and safe habits in the workforce before they even begin. These youth, newcomers, and other new workers are the future leaders of our province, and we can’t wait to see them thrive. Our sincere hope is that our guests have gained valuable insights from the day’s events.

Check out some great photos & memories from the event below: 


Unlocking Potential: Creating a Healthy and Safe Mindset in Future Leaders’ Agenda

9:00 am ➡️ Registration & Networking 

9:30 am ➡️ Welcome and Opening Remarks 

9:45 am ➡️ Safety Leadership: It Starts with Me:

*Michelle Ray
CSP, Author & Hall of Fame Speaker 

11:00 am – Morning Break 

11:15 am ➡️ Service Hospitality Highlights & 2022 SCLA Presentation

11:45 am – Lunch & Networking 

12:45 pm ➡️ Let’s Talk: Health & Safety Education

In this session, we will hear from a panel of educational experts as they share insights and discuss the health and safety training opportunities at various levels of education, including high school and post-secondary. The panel will include:

*Janet Uchacz-Hart
Executive Director, Saskatoon Industry-Education Council

*Nolan Horbach
Program Head, Occupational Health & Safety Certificate program, Saskatchewan Polytechnic 

*Denise Stilling, Ph.D., P.Eng
Associate Professor in Industrial Systems Engineering, University of Regina

1:30 pm➡️ Leadership with a Health and Safety Lens

In this session, a former student will share their real-life experience entering the workplace after graduating with a health and safety education. From an employer perspective, understanding leadership’s role and how health and safety have impacted the success of their organization while sharing insights on hiring future workers.  

*Kelly Fluney 
General Manager, Gold Eagle Lodge 

Academic Grad Student Success Spotlight 

2:30 pm – Afternoon Break 

2:45 pm➡️ What’s Next? Future Opportunities 

In this session, Larry Masotti, Vice President of Minerva Canada Safety Management Education, Inc. will provide a walk through of Minverva’s online H&S certificate program. The course content has been expertly developed using Minerva’s Teaching Modules, reviewed by Minerva academic and industry partners and designed by the University of Fredericton with its e-course specialists.

*Larry Masotti
Vice-President, Minerva Canada Safety Management Education, Inc.

3:30 pm➡️ Thank You & Closing Remarks 

3:45 – 5:30 pm – Networking Reception with complimentary appetizers and drinks

Learn more about Michelle’s Keynote Presentation, Safety Leadership: It Starts with Me  

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. When we take the lead with safety conversations, we are better equipped to strengthen relationships with managers, supervisors, peers, and all safety stakeholders. Leadership is about character rather than title. A leader is someone at any level who has grasped the ability to take charge of their thoughts, and consequently their actions, in any situation. It IS possible for you to help others shift their perspectives by elevating your influence and communication as a positive role model. Delivering her message with insight, wit and a highly engaging style, Michelle’s energizing and informative opening keynote presentation will remind you of the power of personal leadership and shining the light on safety, long after the event ends.

In this session, you will learn to:

  • Build a safety leadership blueprint to use in business and in life
  • Hone your capacity for responding rather than reacting to people and situations
  • Tap into your innovative potential to bring out the best in yourself

Learn more about International Leadership Expert Michelle Ray:

Michelle Ray is a highly sought-after international leadership keynote speaker, entrepreneur, author and educator who advocates the importance of developing leadership and accountability skills, regardless of one’s title. She is committed to helping her clients create engaged workplaces, develop exceptional leaders and implement practical strategies to revitalize their cultures.

Click here to find out more about Michelle 

Michelle Ray – It Starts With You: Speaker Demo Video from Michelle Ray on Vimeo


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