The Future of the Workforce: The Reality of Facing the Professional World

Research shows mental health can be affected by various variables, unemployment being one of them. Conducting a job search can be a long and intense process that can play a significant role in your mental health. Melody Wilding recognizes, “looking for a new job is filled with constant emotional highs and lows. Battling the fear of the unknown (will you ever find a job?) is enough to make anyone feel frustrated, anxious and downright bummed”. To continue reading visit 5 Ways to Keep Going When the Job Search is Getting You Down.

It’s no secret, the job search process can be an emotional roller-coaster. For some students, convocation can be the most memorable time of their life or the beginning of an emotional downfall. Between the countless hours spent browsing the internet for new job postings and receiving the same disappointing feedback, you’re sick of hearing, can be enough for a person’s mental health to take a downward spiral. Speaking from experience, when you aren’t satisfied with where you are in life, especially with a four-year degree to show for it,  it’s easy to feel unhappy, overwhelmed, stressed and easily get down on yourself. In fact, you can take on additional stress and anxiety if your emotions aren’t properly cared for. It’s important to learn how to take care of yourself during aggravating times.

Here are some strategies to help take control of your mental health:

  • Mindfulness

  • Be active

  • Surround yourself with good company

  • Give back or volunteer

  • Be optimistic

  • Self-respect

  • Set realistic goals for yourself

  • Learn positive ways to cope with stress

  • Reach out for help and support


For more information on things you can do to benefit your mental health while job searching visit, Ten Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health.

Healthy well-being builds positive self-esteem that allows you to value yourself rather than beat yourself up. By practicing positive mental health, you will feel more in control of life events, able to cope with stress and obstacles, promote an optimistic outlook and most importantly feel the best version of yourself. It’s important to promote positive mental health entering the professional workforce and throughout the remainder of your career and personal life. It’s crucial for both candidates and employers to keep mental health on the radar during the job search, interview and hiring process. It’s a good idea to recognize organizations that care about mental health and provide resources and support to their employees. To learn more about what you should look for in an organization to help better and support your mental health tune in to this episode of Service Hospitality TV: The First Steps to Mental Health in the Workplace.

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