Today, We Wear Pink!

This year, Pink Shirt Day occurs on February 23rd, 2022. The purpose of this day is to promote anti-bullying. This initiative promotes a strong message to be kind in our everyday lives. Today, we take a stand against bullying and wear our pink proudly!
The online world is a large part of youth’s interaction nowadays. The evolution of technology has rapidly advanced, and youth have developed the skill set to use it. Cyberbullying occurs when a person treats others unkindly or disrespectfully through electronic communication (texting, computer, social media platforms, online gaming).
In fact, Statistics Canada found “almost one in every five young Canadians- about 1.1 million people- have been a victim of cyberbullying.”
To shed light on issues like cyberbullying, Service Hospitality has created a presentation to inform students on how to be safe in their environment and community. This presentation examines,
  • cyber safety etiquette
  • risks involved in using the internet
  • how cyberbullying impacts a person’s mental health

Learn more about our Grade 4/5 Community Safety presentation here!


Get in contact with one of our Youth Safety Advisors to book a presentation TODAY!

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