Top 10 Contraventions in the Community Service and Hospitality Industries

  1. Fire Safety Plans – OHS Regulation 360

Employers are responsible for ensuring they have taken all reasonably practicable steps to prevent the outbreak of a fire and to provide effective means to protect workers from any fire that may occur. This must be documented in a written fire safety plan that provides for the safety of all workers in the event of a fire.

Resources: Emergency Plan template, Emergency Response Drill template

  1. Duty of employer to provide information – OHS Regulation 15

An employer must make readily available for reference by workers a copy of the Saskatchewan Employment Act and the Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. To fulfill this requirement, make sure you have a physical copy of both publications in an area where staff congregate, such as a staff room. Or, have a PDF copy on the desktop of a staff-accessible computer. If you have a copy, but it’s locked away in a manager’s desk somewhere.. you’re at risk of this contravention.

Resources: PDF copy of OH&S Regulations and Saskatchewan Employment Act

  1. Harassment – OHS Regulation 36

Although less Harassment policy contraventions were handed out in 2020 than in years prior, this violation takes the crown for the top contravention issued in the past five years. All workplaces in Saskatchewan are required to have a harassment prevention policy. If your workplace doesn’t have one, now is the time to start drafting.

Resources: Harassment Policy template, Harassment in the Workplace ServiceHospitalityTV episode

  1. Establishing of OH&S Committees – Saskatchewan Employment Act 3-22

Every place of employment where 10 or more workers of one employer work is required to have an OH&S Committee. This committee must have at least two members, represent both the employer and employees, and meet no less than once every 3 months.

Resources: Spotlight on Safety Committees ServiceHospitalityTV episode

  1. Electrical Panels – OHS Regulation 461

Commonly overlooked are electrical panels. To remain compliant with this regulation, employers must ensure that every electrical panel is approved for the intended use and location of the panel, protected from physical or mechanical damage, readily accessible, and has an approved filler in any unused opening. Are you storing those extra storage boxes in front of your electrical panel? Time to move to them in order to prevent this contravention.

Resources: Workplace Inspections training, Inspection checklist template

  1. Eye Flushing Equipment – OHS Regulation 313

If there is a risk to the eyes of a worker from corrosive or other harmful substances (cleaning chemicals or hot fryer oil for example) the employer must provide appropriate eye flushing equipment. Make sure any eye flushing solution is not expired, and all stations are properly equipped!

Resources: Workplace Inspections training, Inspection checklist template

  1. First Aid Register – OHS Regulation 57

Most workplaces have first aid kits, but did you know your first aid kit must also contain a first aid register (or logbook)? This register must be updated each time a supply item is removed from the kit with a description detailing the first aid treatment administered to a worker. This register should be inspected by the OH&S committee at regular intervals.

Resources: First Aid Register template

  1. Supervision of Work – OHS Regulation 17

Employers must ensure that all work being completed at their workplace is sufficiently and competently supervised. Your supervisors are expected to have sufficient knowledge of any occupational health and safety program at your place of employment.

Resources: Health & Safety Leadership training

  1. Violence Policy – OHS Regulation 37

Most businesses in the community service and hospitality industries are required to have a violence policy due to the nature of the work being performed. Make sure your workplace prevents this contravention by having a well-developed and compliant violence policy.

Resources: Violence Policy template,  Preventing Workplace Violence ServiceHospitalityTV episode

  1. Training of OH&S Committee Members – OHS Regulation 46

OH&S Committees play an important role in ensuring the workplace is a healthy and safe one. In order to do this effectively, OH&S Committee co-chairs are required to receive training respecting the duties and functions of a committee.

Resources: Virtual OH&S Committee Training

If any of these potential contraventions are setting off your alarm bells, make sure to reach out to a Service Hospitality advisor. We have tools, templates, resources, training, and good advice to help you ensure a compliant – and more importantly, safe – workplace!