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Youth Safety Education – Bringing Mental Health Through Song

Today marks two months since we held our 10th Youth Safety Education Day Virtual Event. The purpose of this day is to provide meaningful safety education, leadership, and awareness to youth across Saskatchewan and beyond about the importance of workplace health and safety, safety at school while socializing, and psychological health and safety. Gaining this […]

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: Back to School with Safety in Schools

Young people in Saskatchewan are getting hurt at work – in fact, each year, approximately 3500 workers under the age of 24 experience a workplace injury. These injuries are often the result of the many hazards present in the places they typically work, such as sharp knives and slippery floors in restaurants. Limited or no […]

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Youth Safety Education Day 2021 Recap!

September 10th, 2021 Ten years ago, we became aware that many youth were being injured at work, and we wanted to do our part to decrease that number in any way that we could through proper safety training and education. From that day forward, Youth Safety Education Day was born. This year we celebrated our […]

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