We are happy to provide training over a variety of mediums to best meet the needs of your business.  Our training opportunities include:

In-Person Safety Centered Leadership Training

Service Hospitality can provide on-site training to a minimum of 10 participants.  These training sessions are tailored to your workplace and provide opportunities for group discussions, interactive activities and consultation with the instructor.  View our training programs now!

Virtual Training

Virtual training allows the instructor to engage people from many different locations all at once, with options for discussion and question-asking from the participants.  Delivered via “Go-To-Webinar,” virtual training allows Service Hospitality instructors to reach a broader audience with no geographic restrictions.  All of our in-person safety centered leadership training courses can be delivered through virtual training.  To set up a virtual training course please contact us via email.

Service Hospitality TV Videos

Every few months, we broadcast a Service Hospitality TV Video on our YouTube Channel containing a wealth of information pertaining to various health and safety topics as well as emerging issues. 

If you miss an episode, you can always catch up by subscribing to our YouTube channel.


Service Hospitality’s eCampus offers training programs not available in any other format, as well as our revamped version of Claims Management.  These training programs can be taken anytime from anywhere.  Online support and contact information are provided to ensure you get the best experience possible.  Successful completion of an online course will generate a printable certificate for your records.  View our campus now!

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