2018 SHSAtv Episodes

Episode 30

 SHSAtv Presents: ‘Breaking News: It’s Time For a Change”

Laura Bence, Safety Advisor is on the scene! It’s true, this is a MAJOR moment in Saskatchewan history as we shed light on a problem that seems to be getting the attention of CEO, George Marshall. This Christmas, try saying, “The Service and Hospitality Safety Association of Saskatchewan” ten times.

Can you solve this tongue twister?

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Episode 29


SHSAtv Presents: ‘It Could Happen to You – Why Safety Matters’

Young workers are more likely to be injured on the job than experienced workers, and those injuries will probably occur in their first few months of work. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This video highlights workers’ 3 rights and responsibilities as it follows Aiden, a young worker, through his first few days on the job….

Episode 28



Episode 27

SHSAtv Presents: ‘Safety is Serious Business – For Senior Management’

Leaders are responsible for health and safety and as the most senior manager in your organization, you are both responsible and liable for ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of ALL workers at all times. Your only personal protection is knowledge!

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SHSAtv Presents: ‘Safety is Serious Business – For Supervisors’

This episode was created specifically for supervisors. As a supervisor in your organization you are both responsible and liable for the health, safety & welfare of workers who report to you. Are you sure you know everything there is to know about health & safety?

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Episode 26

SHSAtv Presents: ‘Harassment in the Workplace

It’s real. It’s happening. And it’s up to employers to prevent it. A conservative estimate says that between 75% – 90% of workplace sexual harassment incidents go unreported.

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Episode 25

SHSAtv Presents: ‘Preventing Workplace Violence’

A violence prevention policy begins with YOUR commitment to minimizing the risk of violence in the workplace.

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Episode 24

SHSAtv Presents: ‘Incident Investigations’

The most severe and expensive injuries aren’t always easy to prevent!  If you’re responsible for investigating incidents in your workplace, you can help prevent future injuries by uncovering, and controlling, the root cause.

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