Service Hospitality TV (2017)

Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘First Steps to Mental Health in the Workplace’

Mental Health is a hot topic these days, but what do you need to do as an organization? This video provides a four-step plan to get you started. The integration of psychological health & safety into your safety management system doesn’t have to be complicated – just do what works for you!

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘Spotlight on Safety Committees’

Congratulations! You are part of the most important committee within your organization, the Occupational Health and Safety Committee! Lisa has so much to share with you about your role, responsibilities, and how to make your safety committee shine!

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘Effective Committees are Good for Business’

Did you know that the lack of establishing a safety committee, as well as the lack of training for those committees, are among the top 5 contraventions of OH&S legislation in the service and hospitality industry?  Having an effectively run committee with appropriately trained members will help make your workplace safer and will make YOUR job easier.

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘WHMIS 2015: For the Employer’

Usually, WHMIS is boring…now it’s not! This video will explain what you as the employer should know about WHMIS 2015.  After this quick video, you will feel confident that you can make your workplace safe.  Check out the companion video for your employees: WHMIS 2015

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘WHMIS 2015: For the Employee’

If you work with or around chemicals this is information you need to know.  Think this isn’t important?  Well, ask Dean Chappell as he has firsthand experience and will tell you otherwise. WHMIS 2015 will tell you about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to the safe use and handling of chemicals.

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘Safety Superheros – Youth Leading the Change’

Have you ever wondered when safety education should begin?  Why should we start early and what tools can we use to get the message across?  If these are questions you’ve had this is the episode for you!!

Our very own Danielle Bachart, Youth Safety Advisor, sits down with Richard Donnelly, Partnerships/PAA Consultant for the Regina Catholic School Division, to talk about the importance of safety education at a young age and how anyone can become a ‘Safety Superhero’.

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘Keys to an Effective Safety Management System’

This Episode, with Timeline Logistic 2017 SABEX Safety Award Winner – highlights the importance of Management Commitment and Hazard ID & Control.

Our very own Larry Glow – Senior Advisor – sits down with 2017 SABEX Safety Award recipient, Troy Stimpson – President of Timeline Logistic. They discuss how Timeline is an innovative leader in safety and how we can translate their strengths and what they are doing and apply it to the Service and Hospitality Industry

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘Navigating Mental Health’

It’s Here! An intimate conversation with Bridges Health Director of Operations; Adelle Stewart.

Our very own Lisa Chavady, Safety Advisor, sits down with Adelle to find out who Bridges Health is when/how they came into existence and what they can do to help us navigate the important issue of Mental Health in the workplace.

Bridges Health CEO (Chief Energy Optimizer) Boo Roger makes an appearance which is something you don’t want to miss!!

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘Cold and Flu Prevention’

Cold and flu season. It makes it’s appearance annually, so what do we need to know to take better preventative measures and precautions?

We were able to speak with some fourth year, U of S Nursing students, about this hot topic!

Throughout this episode, we discuss:

  • Basic training around immunizations

  • Proper handwashing techniques

  • Cough etiquette

  • Sick etiquette

  • The importance of a clean workspace

  • The basic science behind germs

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Service Hospitality TV Presents: ‘SFNSA Interview’

Want to learn more about the Saskatchewan First Nations Safety Association? Make sure you don’t miss this episode!

SFNSA’s CEO Toby Desnomie fills us in on some of the import facts we need to know about the association:
• Background Information and why the association was created
• Mission
• How First Nations workers view OH&S
• His vision for the association

And much more!

This episode was hosted by the Courtyard Marriott in Saskatoon.