We are BACK! Youth Safety Education Day, live and in-person!

After several years of hosting Youth Safety Education Day (YSED) virtually, we are excited to announce that we are back in person! This year, we will be in front of the students, ready to provide meaningful safety education, leadership, and awareness to youth (14-24) across Saskatchewan and beyond. The events, held annually, emphasize the importance of safety with special guest speakers. It’s crucial to instill a safety-centred mindset in future workers before they take their first step into the workplace, and YSED is the perfect opportunity to do so. It is a KEY step in injury prevention.

Calling All Teachers! 🥳

We’re excited to offer you a variety of complimentary activities, resources, and educational tools that can be used to facilitate discussion and learning about mental health and workplace safety. Click here to access the package. In honour of Youth Safety Education Day,  we invite you to participate and use these safety activities in a way that works best for your organization or classroom from September 10th – 15th. 

Become an OFFICIAL YSED Partner & Get Involved! 🎉

Youth are heading to work – whether it’s their first summer job, a part-time position after summer break or beginning their very first day in a new career. That is why there is no better time than September to focus on workplace health and safety. Join our cause and become an official YSED partner! Simply complete our online partnership form, and we’ll deliver a complimentary YSED package filled with fun promotional items from Service Hospitality and participating sponsors with access to a wealth of safety activities, resources and educational tools at your fingertips. During Youth Safety Education Day week (Sept 10th – 15th), use the provided safety activities in a way that works best for your organization or classroom.

Why Participate in or Support Youth Safety Education Day?

Participating in YSED is an opportunity to show the community your genuine support for workplace health and safety, community involvement, and giving back. Your organization or school will receive special recognition as a YSED2023 supporter on our website, social media platforms, and email blasts. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to directly involve youth and young workers, helping educate them on the importance of workplace safety. The young people in your school/organization will also have the opportunity to learn and participate in free workplace safety and mental health-related activities and exercises.

Be a Safety Leader. Join Us in Building a Positive Safety Culture Today! 

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