When WCB Calls – Your Guide to Handling Claims with Confidence

As the WCB’s Business Transformation Program continues to roll out, adjustments have been made to streamline the claims management process, aiming to alleviate some of the burdens on employers and injured workers. It is important for employers to review these changes to ensure you are well-equipped to navigate the WCB claims system effectively. On October 11, 2023, the WCB released a news statement titled: Change to the claims intake process, which states, “If the WCB has been notified of a workplace injury, but the employer has not submitted an Employer’s Initial Report of Injury (E1) form before a claim is registered, WCB staff will proactively call the employer to collect the information over the phone”.

This phone call is intended to offer support to the employer in completing the required paperwork. If you receive a phone call and this is the first you have heard about the injury, inform the WCB claims team member that you will conduct an investigation and supply the required information with an E1 within five days.

According to Section 52 of the WCB Act, employers have a duty to notify WCB in writing within five days of becoming aware of an injury that prevents a worker from earning full wages or requires medical aid. This notification should include various details related to the injury:

  • Prior to filling out and submitting an E1, ensure you complete your internal investigation. This will provide you with the details you need to complete the E1 and support WCB in their claims assessment.
  • Make sure information regarding how the injury happened and the area of the body injured is coming from a thorough incident investigation and not just the testimony of the injured worker.
  • If there is information that the injury is not work-related, state this on your E1 form along with the supporting evidence.

If you can, designate the same individual to fill out all E1 forms for your workplace and be the sole point of contact with your managers and the WCB for injury claims.

  • Remember, the five-day window begins when the employer becomes aware of the injury, not five days after the injury itself. 

E1 forms and communicating with the WCB are just one piece of the Claims Management puzzle. If you are interested in getting better at Claims Management, sign up for our FREE two-part Claims Management virtual training, happening Tuesday, November 7th and Wednesday, November 8th.

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