Wishing You A Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year

A joyful present and a well-remembered 2022 filled with challenges, growth, and many things to be proud of. Happy New Year from all of us at Service Hospitality! We’re excited to see the outcomes we’ll achieve together in 2023.

Staying true to our value of Redefining Possible, 2022 resulted in reaching an audience of over 91,000 through our training and events.  We focused on what we do best by responding to our member’s needs through:

  • OH&S Committee training, instructing over 200 more people during 2022 than in 2021.

  • The Mental Health Best Practice Group – a group of dedicated leaders from over 120 workplaces, resulting in over 5,000 people being directly trained in various mental health topics and thousands more positively impacted as that learning was transferred to their workplaces!

  • The Health and Safety Leadership Certificate (HSLC) program awarded 30 certificates in 2022.

  • Youth Safety Education Day, classroom presentations, special youth events and our partnership with Safety in Schools combined to reach a total audience of over 88,000 in 2022, with more safety leader partnerships than ever!

But along with our successes, we are compelled to celebrate your successes as well. 

We were particularly inspired by a member’s workplace that completed HSLC level 2, ’took the reigns’ and stepped up their modified work program, resulting in $102,000 in cost relief. But their bigger achievement is the positive impact on their safety culture – their injuries and claim numbers are the lowest achieved in over five years, equalling a reduction in injuries of 57.1% and an 87.7% reduction in costs!

One of our large employer members put their safety management system where it belongs, starting and finishing with the Executive Director. They took the challenge to implement HSLC Level 1, completed 21 training sessions, achieved 477 certifications and completed safety evaluations of all their locations!

Those successes, combined with many more, resulted in a projected decrease in injuries of 4% in an industry that has seen rapid growth this year following the slowdowns from the pandemic.  That decrease is even larger when only looking at those employers who work with us directly.  This decrease is the most recent addition to preventing more than 1200 injuries over the last five years!

What an excellent demonstration that working together produces results.

Where will 2023 take us? Following our strategic plan and areas top of mind for our members, we will focus on the following:

  • Consultation and training in claims management and medical accommodation with our members will continue to significantly reduce lost time, injuries and overall costs.

  • Impacting youth and new workers by better preparing them before their first day of work.

  • Building safety culture (how people behave when no one is looking). Inspired by one of our members in 2022 after the strides they took in ensuring compliance with OH&S legislation and going above and beyond by incorporating health and safety initiatives and best practices into all they do to fully transform their current safety culture.

  • Hazard-specific training and education in the areas of kitchen safety, ergonomics, and high school safety training.

  • Further leveraging our partnerships in the province and across Canada – we’re stronger when we share learning and resources.

Here’s to feeling thankful for the year behind and enthusiastic for the year ahead. Your success is our success – Healthy and Safe Workplaces. Prospering. We depend on your ongoing commitment, hard work, patience, motivation, support, and willingness to embrace growth. Feel proud of what we accomplished in 2022, and gear up for even greater accomplishments in 2023!

We look forward to serving you another year. You make every day meaningful for us, and we look forward to more of them with you.


Carrie Bjola
Chief Executive Officer