Resources for Working Alone in Community Services


Working Alone or in Isolation Policy 

Working Alone or in Isolation Procedure

Working Alone or in Isolation Risk Assessment

Assisted living, youth support, and other community service workers are frequently required to work alone or in isolation with people and in environments that are difficult to predict. Working in isolation can increase the risk of psychological and physical harm. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that workers have the training and resources needed to work safely and understand potential risks, and the ability to act on those risks when identified.

Service Hospitality presents Working Alone in Community Services, a free webinar dedicated to helping your organization explore the following:

Does your organization have a working alone plan for working alone or in isolation?

Is the plan working as it is intended to? Does your plan comply with legislative requirements?

Are you fulfilling the legal requirements set out for your role?   

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Responsibilities of the worker, supervisor and employer

  • The specific hazards affecting lone workers

  • Techniques to improve the safety of lone workers

  • Tools and templates to enhance your lone worker program

Join us to learn practical tips and receive valuable resources to enhance your working alone plan, ask questions related to your responsibilities and connect with other community service organizations throughout Saskatchewan!