Young Workers Readiness Certificate Course

As students say goodbye to another school year, many will begin the summer job hunt. For many students who are fresh out of high school, this will be unfamiliar territory as they enter the workforce for the first time. Unfortunately, youth (ages 16-24) are more likely to be unaware of how to conduct themselves in a safe manner in their work environment. According to research, “over 50% of all incidents involving young workers occur during their first six months on the job.”– WCB Saskatchewan

There are a variety of factors that play a role in young worker vulnerability, these include:

  • Lack of work experience

  • Lack of training or supervision

  • Unaware of their worker rights

  • Nervous to ask for help or questions

  • Perform dangerous tasks or jobs

Prevention is the key to reducing youth workplace injuries! It’s crucial that young workers go in prepared with the knowledge, tools and resources to do so. 

Do you have young workers in your workplace?
Do they take safety as seriously as they should?
Do you have proper training in place?

Watch our Service Hospitality episode, “It Could Happen to You: Why Safety Matters.” 

In Saskatchewan, the legal minimum age stipulation for employment is the age of 16. Aspiring young workers (age 14 and 15) are required to have their Young Workers Readiness Course Certificate of Completion along with parental consent before they can commence employment. The course educates young workers on the following topics:

  • Worker rights and responsibilities

  • Employer rights and responsibilities

  • Workplace health and safety legislation

  • How to stay safe at work

“For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.” -Eleanor Everet

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