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Did you know? Young and new workers are the most at risk for injury on the job. Each year in Saskatchewan, approximately 3,200 youth under the age of 25 are injured on the job, and an average of two die from a workplace incident. (Source: WCB 2021 Annual Report – Page 47) Young and new workers make up a large part of our workforce, particularly in the service and hospitality industries. They also have a higher rate of injury – especially during the first six months of a job. (Source: CCOHS – The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)

That is why it is SO important to receive workplace health and safety education before stepping foot into the workplace. This year, we plan to connect with schools, organizations, and industry members to help us reach and educate over 25,000 youth across Saskatchewan about workplace health and safety. But we need your help to achieve this goal! Be a safety leader and participate in Youth Safety Education Week from September 8th – 14th!

What is Youth Safety Education Day?

Youth Safety Education Day (YSED) is recognized annually on September 10th. The day’s purpose is to provide meaningful safety education, leadership, and awareness to youth (ages 14-24) across Saskatchewan and beyond about the importance of physical and mental health and safety at work. Gaining this valuable information before future workers take their first step into the workplace or while employed in their first jobs is a KEY step in their injury prevention.

As an employer or educator, you have a unique opportunity to influence our future workers positively. Join us in creating tomorrow’s healthy and safe workplaces!     

#YSED2024 Join in on the conversations leading up to and during Youth Safety Education Day week (Sept 8th-14th) and share with us how you’re a safety leader in your organization and/or school!

Be a Safety Leader!

How to participate: Youth are heading to work—whether it’s their first summer job, a part-time position after summer break, or their very first day in a new career. That is why there is no better time than September to focus on workplace health and safety.

Become an official Youth Safety Education Day (YSED) Partner and get involved during Youth Safety Education Day week from Sept 8th – 14th:

All you need to do is:

  1. Complete our Online Partnership Form

  2. We will deliver a FREE YSED package filled with safety activities, posters, and fun promotional items from Service Hospitality (and participating sponsors)

  3. During the week following Youth Safety Education Day (Sept 8th—14th), use the provided safety activities in a way that works best for your organization or classroom. We have a wide variety of health and safety activities on our website!

  4. Youth Safety Education Day 2024 Video Contest – Click here to enter! 

Be a part of positive safety culture today! 


You can sponsor and support Youth Safety Education Day this year by donating resources, promotional items, marketing materials, gift cards, etc. Your items will be included in our FREE YSED partnership packages, and we will recognize you/your organization below! Thank you in advance for your contribution and support.

Why participate or support YSED2024?

  • Shows the community you genuinely support workplace health and safety, community involvement and giving back

  • Your organization/school will receive special recognition as a YSED2024 supporter on our website, social media platforms, and email blasts

  • It is an opportunity to directly involve youth and young workers, helping educate them on the importance of workplace safety

  • The youth in your school/organization will have the opportunity to learn and participate in free safety and mental health-related activities and exercises

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