Grade 8 Mental Health Presentation

Did you know that every year an estimated 1.2 million Canadian children & youth are affected by mental illness?

In an effort to help create awareness surrounding mental health, Service Hospitality is pleased to announce our partnership with the Saskatchewan division of the Canadian Mental Health Association to work together to promote & provide awareness to youth and assist them in managing their mental health & well-being. We have created a presentation to bring awareness to youth about anxiety and how it affects a person’s mental health.

What the presentation provides:
-Explanation of anxiety & what it can look like

-Symptoms of anxiety
-Mental health coping skills
-Personal stories from youth
-Local Support Resources

To book your presentation, please contact:
Keri Rieger, Senior Safety Advisor
[email protected]
Phone: 306-522-5499





Video Resource: 
















Teacher Testimonials:

“What a terrific presentation.  As I discussed with you this is a very pertinent subject that the students need to hear about and your presentation fits in perfectly with our Health curriculum. I would strongly encourage our entire school system to take advantage of your presentation and if you are ever able to provide us with a new presentation or even repeat the same one again next year we would be delighted to host you once again. Thank you very much for this opportunity!” – Robert and Dalton – RCSD

“Thank you, Danielle. Your presentation was awesome and well received by the kids. You have great patience and a knack for engagement. This was an important topic for our students and you have given us a great framework for future conversations. We will be sure to use the tools that you included and hopefully will arm the kids with some life skills as they move forward.Thanks again for your presentation. Take care.” – Greg

“You know it’s a great presentation when the teacher learns something new,” -RCSD Grade 7/8 Teacher

“Your presentation was informative and I had a student come up to me and express her appreciation for learning more about mental health,” -RPSD Grade 8 Teacher

“We loved the presentation yesterday.  The kids identified with your lesson and were engaged for the hour.  I especially liked how you talked about the fact that stress and anxiety are necessary and unavoidable in life.  There is a difference between good/normal stress and bad/too much stress and you explained that very well.  Sometimes I notice students are easily giving up when faced with stress and are not able to persevere their way through normal teen situations.  They want to be “saved” it seems by staff or parents.   Your presentation will help them have more coping strategies as well,”  -RCSD Grade 8 Teacher

Grade 8 Student Testimonials:

“I really appreciated hearing the choices we CAN make and that there are consequences of the choices”

“I learned that it is ok to not be ok all the time”

“I liked learning how to recognize anxiety in our bodies and in the ways we start to feel”

“I really like that you shared your own stories with us”

“Learning that it make take a while to know if a coping choice will for us or not”

“Today I learned that it is not my job to “fix” someone else’s anxiety’”

“I learned that I am not alone”

“I needed to hear ways to cope – thank you”

“I don’t feel as anxious anymore, knowing that I am not alone”

“My anxiety doesn’t have to control me – I can control it”


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