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The Safety in Schools Foundation is a registered non-profit organization committed to providing young workers across Canada with the opportunity to learn the basics about workplace safety. Formed by industry to address the high rate of workplace injuries among workers between the ages of 15 and 24, Safety in Schools delivers free online, industry-recognized workplace safety courses to high school students at participating schools, along with support for teachers and school administrators. Our goal is to prepare every young person entering the workforce with the knowledge to recognize and avoid hazards, regardless of which career path they choose or industry they work in.


The SHSA in partnership with Safety in Schools began a pilot program, offering four Saskatchewan aligned courses through the Regina Catholic School Division that kicked off in the fall of 2017. Workplace safety training is essential for high school students before they enter the workforce, so they are aware of the hazards in the workplace and their basic rights as a worker.

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Saskatchewan Aligned Courses

Participating teachers are able to sign up their students for any or all of the following courses:

Personal Protective Equipment – 1 hr course

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the major classes of PPE at the worksite and the main components of each,

  • Understand your responsibilities regarding the selection and use of PPE,

  • Identify and describe the most common PPE items that are required as part of a corporate health and safety program,

  • Describe the inspection, care, and maintenance requirements of the equipment,

  • Identify the importance of PPE,

  • Recall maintenance and implementation requirements,

  • Identify the importance of appropriate eye, ear, head, foot, and hand protection,

  • Define why appropriate PPE is imperative in a variety of situations,

  • Describe the specific uses of PPE, and

  • Define responsibilities for the use of PPE.

Fall Protection – 2 hr course

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand when you need to use FPE,

  • Describe the elements of a fall protection plan,

  • Describe different types of FPE,

  • Describe what is involved in a fall hazard assessment,

  • Explain the regulations surrounding fall hazards,

  • List the items that are usually included in a fall protection plan,

  • Describe the purpose and advantages of surface protection,

  • Describe how fixed barriers prevent falls,

  • Explain what a travel restraint system is, and

  • List several types of fall arrest systems.

Hazard Recognition – 2 hr course

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the responsibilities and importance of recognizing hazards,

  • Define the methods, risks, and controls associated with hazard recognition,

  • List the various physical, chemical, biological, psychological, and safety hazards,

  • Describe the process and steps of hazard evaluation,

  • List types of operational risk,

  • Explain why the continuous improvement cycle is important to your OHSMS,

  • List controls that can be used to prevent or reduce the risk of hazards,

  • List the key elements of job hazard analysis and hazard assessments,

  • Describe how to evaluate the results of a hazard evaluation and assessment, and

  • Describe the importance and role that hazard recognition plays in promoting a safe workplace.

Job Safety Analysis – 1 hr course

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and benefits of conducting a Job Safety Analysis (JSA),

  • Identify tasks and their component steps suitable for a JSA,

  • List the steps involved in conducting a JSA,

  • Identify those who should be responsible for conducting a JSA,

  • List the types of jobs for which conducting a JSA would be applicable,

  • Describe how to conduct a JSA,

  • List some examples of hazards and unsafe work practices, and

  • Explain methods by which hazards can be controlled.


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