Youth Research

With innovation in mind, the SHSA decided to look at the issue of young worker injuries in a new way.  In September of 2014 the SHSA brought in a University of Regina coop student to conduct research regarding the high occurrence of young worker injuries.  Three objectives were identified:

  1. Explore relevant risk factors contributing to high rates of youth occupational injury.
  2. Provide clear direction for the SHSA on how best to target prevention initiatives for youth.
  3. Examine effectiveness of existing social marketing campaigns and whether or not they can be applied to SHSA’s prevention strategies.

The resulting research paper identified six key findings, many avenues for the SHSA to pursue and an overview of some of the other youth initiatives throughout Canada and Australia.

You can view the entire research paper, including a brief executive summary of the six key findings, here:

Examining Risk Factors that Contribute to High Rates of Youth Occupational Injury

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