Youth Safety Education Day

Join us and participate in Youth Safety Education Day this year from Sept 6th – 10th!

Did you know – young and new workers are the most at risk for injury on the job? Nearly 3,400 young workers under the age of 25 are injured on the job EVERY year in our province. Young workers are a vital part of our workforce. This year we plan to reach and connect with schools, organizations and industry members to help us reach 50,000 youth across Saskatchewan and the country about the importance of workplace health and safety. But we need your help!

What is Youth Safety Education Day?

Youth Safety Education Day (YSED) occurs annually on September 10th. The purpose of this day is to provide meaningful safety education, leadership and awareness to youth across Saskatchewan and beyond (up to the age of 25) about the importance of workplace health and safety, safety at school, at play, while socializing and psychological health and safety. Gaining this valuable information before young workers take their first step into the workplace or while currently employed in their first jobs is a KEY step in injury prevention. 

Why Safety Matters:

How to Participate and Show your Support

Youth are heading to work – whether that be to their first summer job, returning to a part-time position after summer break or beginning their very first day in a new career. That is why there is no better time than the beginning of September to focus on workplace health and safety. This year, YOU can be a safety leader by getting involved in the following ways. Participate in all our FREE activities and events during Youth Safety Education Day week (from September 6th – 10th) for your chance to win prizes for yourself, your classroom and your workplace!

#1 Become an official YSED Partner and get involved during Youth Safety Education Day Week (Sept 6th – 10th)

Mental Well-Being Prize
Valued at $1,500

What it includes:
*1-year subscription to the Calm App
*$150 Indigo Gift Card
*$150 Sport Chek Gift Card
*Yoga Gear
*Buddha Board
*Sponsor and Service Hospitality Swag AND MORE!

To enter:

1. Are you a safety leader? Partner with us today! All you need to do is:

  • Fill out the form at the end of this document OR fill out our Online Partnership Form  

  • Return to [email protected] ASAP

  • We will ship you a FREE YSED package filled with promo and goodies to give away as prizes for participation

  • During the week leading up to Youth Safety Education Day (Sept 6th-10th), get involved and do something safe as a class, in your workplace or at home – we will have a ton of FREE health and safety activities for you to choose from on our website

 2. BONUS ENTRY: Submit a photo of your classroom or workplace participating in one of our health and safety activities to [email protected] by September 12th!

#2 Register for our FREE Virtual Youth Safety Education Day Events from Sept 7th – 9th to be entered to win!

By registering and attending our Mental Health Matters event featuring Service Hospitality Safety Advisor, Beyanka Lodongi on September 7th you will be entered to win our special sponsorship prize! 

By registering and attending our Make Safety Personal events (two available live streams to choose from on Sept 8th/9th) with special guest speaker, Candace Carnahan, you will be entered to win our YSED 2022 GRAND PRIZE valued at over $1,500! Sign up today! 

YSED 2022 Grand Prize
Valued at $1,500

What it Includes:
*Nintendo Switch
*Nintendo Switch Games
*$150 Indigo Gift Card
*Portable Waterproof Speaker
*Sponsor and Service Hospitality Swag and MORE!

To enter:

Register for our FREE virtual Youth Safety Education Day events with special guest speakers from September 7th – 9th and stream live with your classroom, workplace, or on your own! Attend multiple sessions for more chances to win!  

Click Here to Download our YSED Poster to hang in your workplace or school! 

Understanding the Stats

Young people are a significant part of our workforce. Almost one-third of high school students work while attending school full-time. Many will continue to work while participating in post-secondary education programs. Unfortunately, all too often a young person’s first work experiences are not as rewarding as they should be.

  • Young and new workers are the most at risk for injury on the job and experience higher rates of injuries than other workers. Nearly half of all young employees start their first jobs in the service sector – most frequently in sales, accommodation, or food services.

  • Nearly 3,400 young workers under the age of 25 are injured every year in our province.

  • On average, there are two youth fatalities on the job each year.

  • Young people aged 15-24 are more likely to experience mental illness than any other age group. Only 1 out of 5 children receive appropriate mental health services in Canada.

These heartbreaks and injuries CAN be prevented with the proper safety training and education. We are reaching out to you to help us raise awareness and take a safety leadership role by supporting Youth Safety Education Day 2022.

Be a part of the cultural safety change today!

YSED Online Partnership Form

If interested, please fill out our Online Partnership Form and let us know how you will be raising awareness and contributing to this very important youth safety initiative! By doing so, you will BE ENTERED TO WIN all of our awesome prizes! 

A day proudly proclaimed by the Government of Saskatchewan since 2012!

For the past 10 years, we have approached the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety in Saskatchewan to dedicate a day to the safety of our youth in this province. The ministry has graciously agreed and exercised its powers to designate September 10th, 2022 as Youth Safety Education Day for the 11th consecutive year. 


YSED 2022 can be supported by donations of resources, promotional items, marketing materials, gift cards, etc. All items will be included in our YSED partnership packages and prizes! Anything provided is greatly appreciated and will help us reach even more youth. Thank you in advance for your contribution and support. We will require your sponsorship contribution items by May 31st, 2021. Please get in touch with [email protected].com with any questions you may have.


Business Exposure

There are numerous ways to profile your school/organization/industry for YSED2022. The many advantages of your support and/or sponsorship include: 

  • Sends a message that you are genuinely interested in safety, community involvement & giving back.

  • Your school/organization will receive special recognition as a YSED2022 supporter on our website. We will display your logo with a hyperlink back to your website. This initiative will be advertised across our social media platforms & email blasts to thousands of our members and beyond.

  • Opportunity to have direct involvement with youth and young workers, helping to educate them on the importance of workplace health and safety.

  • You will be demonstrating that safety is important to you & your school/organization.

  • The youth in your school/organization will have the opportunity to learn and participate in free safety and mental health-related activities & exercises. They will also be given the chance to win some awesome free prizes.

In the end, this is about protecting our kids, and our future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate!

Use #YSED2022 on social media

Join in on the conversations from September 6th through to Youth Safety Education Day on September 10th! Please share with us how you are being a safety leader this year!

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