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Our Youth Safety Education Day partnerships are fundamental in reaching as many youth as possible with our messaging and materials. It is through efforts of individuals such as yourself that we can bring safety awareness and education to the youth of this province before they even step foot into the workforce. For the past eight years, the Ministry of Education has proclaimed September 10th as Youth Safety Education Day, this will be our 9th year of this initiative and we hope you find all of the activities and resources provided helpful. 

This educational package was developed to help facilitate discussion and learning about mental health and workplace safety. Below you will find a variety of activities, resources and educational tools to participate in on September 10th (or any day that works for you) to help focus on workplace health and safety this year! Feel free to use the promotional items you received to give away to your youth as prizes for participating and send us photos!

If you have any questions contact Dara Miazyk, Communications Coordinator

Mental Health Resources & Activites:

Mental Health Safety Package – Table of Contents & Instructions

1. Information and Resource Section:

2. Exploring Section:

3. Reflection Section:

4. Posters:

Workplace Safety Resources and Activities: 

Workplace Health & Safety Package – Table of Contents & Instructions

1. Youth Safety Education Day Poster (Printable)

2. Young Worker Safety Quick Fact Sheet

3. Tips for Young Workers

4. Safety Certificate – Fillable – large

5. Spot the Hazard Instructions

5a. Spot the Hazard – Serving Food

5b. Spot the Hazard – Handling Luggage

5c. Spot the Hazard – Warehouse

5d. Spot the Hazard – Home Kitchen

6. PPE Pictionary

7. Crossword Puzzle

8. Create a Safety Poster

8a. Safety Poster Template Hatched

8b. Safety Poster Template Cones

9. Informal Safety Meetings

10. Scavenger Hunt

11. Don’t Slip Poster

12. Safe Lifting Poster

#YSED2019 on Social Media!

Leading up to the day and on September 10th, please share with us and the world how you are getting involved and participating in this year’s Youth Safety Education Day! Help raise awareness & be a safety leader! Please use #YSED2019 when sharing your involvement online!

Get involved with the conversations!

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